The potential hydrogen (pH) level associated with water measures or indicates how acidic or alkaline water is. When water has a pH level of 7, it is balanced and can be referred to as pure water. When water has a pH level of below 7, it is known to be acidic while when the pH level is above 7 it is known to be alkaline. Water has minerals in it which affect largely the water’s pH level, its taste and how healthy the water is. The human body has a pH level of 7.4 which is the natural level. This level is very important within the human body and should be maintained to ensure a human being is healthy.

When we eat foods which are acidic or we drink water which has no minerals in it the human body can be out of balance temporarily. When we drink alkaline water, we aid the body in trying to achieve a balance. The more alkaline water you consume, the better is your dental health. This is because when you consume beverages which have acidic components, there is a huge risk of tooth decay. Water pH value as has been mentioned is very important. The pH value of water directly affects water living organisms. When the pH level in a stream changes, it can be a valid indication that the water has had increased pollution or it has been infected by other environmental factors which are present.

pH and water quality

Water that is heavily purified even after being remineralized will be found to have a pH level of under the value of 7. Water which has been sourced from underground areas and has not been modified or treated may have a pH level value of 7.2 – 7.8. This pH value is ideal for consumption and promotes good health. Low or high pH can be detrimental to water use. Low pH levels in water cause corrosion and dissolving in metals and other substances.

High pH levels in water cause it to have a bitter taste, water using appliances and pipes having deposits encrusted in them and it reduces the effectiveness chlorine has in disinfection which causes there to be a need for more chlorine when the pH levels are high. When water is polluted, it can cause a change in its pH level. This, in turn, can cause harm to plants and animals which live in the polluted water.

The pH level of Water

In school students are taught as they do their science projects to take samples of various pH levels of water. Most schools do not have an electronic pH meter. Therefore, they use the ready litmus paper to get a pH level reading of water. Litmus paper can be sourced from various sources including pet supply stores where they are used in checking the pH levels of aquariums.

Litmus paper is a strip of paper which is used by dropping a sample of water to it, and it later turns in color to determine the pH level of the sample which may be acidic or basic. The ability to determine the pH levels of water is important because it can help you determine whether water is safe for drinking based on its pH value. It can also be used to determine whether water is acidic by simply taking a sample of water and testing its pH value. It is important to know the pH value of water so that we can determine also its source of origin.