In this article we will discuss air fryers, what they are, and how you can benefit from using one. Deep fryer, the old-school appliance that cooks in gallons of oil, has been popular for at least twenty years now. However, things always change. People become more concerned about their health, weight, they stat watching what they consume, counting calories. This is where the air fryer steps in.

Everyone loves French fries. However most people also understand that fried foods are harmful for you, and contain lots of calories. Despite of this understanding, as soon as people end up sitting in front of a large bowl of crispy fries, sprinkled with salt, ketchup on the side, all the health arguments fly out of the window. Several minutes later the bowl is empty, and you don’t even remember how it happened.

Now air fryers provide an opportunity for you to feel less mortified of these guilty pleasures. Considering that they use only a tablespoon of oil at the most, you will end up consuming much less fat. If you have younger ones in your family, who look up to you and your daily habits, it might be a good idea to purchase this appliance, just out of consideration for them. After all habits form in your childhood and stay with you for life. Why not pre-program your kids to be health conscious at the early age?

So how does an air fryer do these miracles that deep fryers fail so miserably at? Air fryer operates on hot air circulating inside of it. The air travels around food and high speeds and provides for a crispy finish. The food comes out dryer than when cooked in a deep fryer, however it is also much healthier, since it contains very little oil. Your food will also maintain most of its mineral and vitamin profile. This is especially great news, in case you don’t take vitamin supplements or partake in juicing.

The device has removable parts, all parts that require thorough cleaning: the basket, the lever and the blade of the stirrer, the lid. All removable parts, as per the manual, can be washed in a dishwasher. The body should be cleaned with a damp cloth moistened with water or a soapy solution, and then wiped dry. As a result, the device, in terms of cleaning, requires a minimum of your attention to maintain: use it to cook – dismantle it – put it in a dishwasher – and you are good to go. The same procedure we follow with most kitchen appliances. To select the best air fryer, just read one of the air fryer buying guides.

When would you buy a deep fryer though? The deep fryer has a narrow and specific purpose. This is an appliance, the acquisition of which is thought to be unless after the acquisition of a standard set of kitchen appliances, after a juicer, coffee grinder and electric shredder for vegetables. The fryer will not simplify your household chores and will not make you a different person. It simply allows you to quickly cook foods in a lot of boiling oil – that is, diversify your menu. Buying a deep fryer makes sense if you really love this method of heat treatment, are not health conscious, and are ready to master it at home. Or, perhaps, if you are the owner of a tiny cafe with a fast food menu, and you don’t care what your customers consume.