The human growth hormone (HGH) or also called as “somatotropin” is a peptide hormone which promotes cell regeneration, cell reproduction, and growth not only for humans but also for animals. Therefore, is it very important in the case of human growth and development? It’s a type of cell that is called “mitogen.” HGH and bodybuilding is the most effective way for an individual to quickly develop and increase lean muscle mass, thus, resulting in better and improved physique. While bodybuilding can be effective alone as it is the fastest way to develop lean muscles, HGH supplements can help to provide more lean muscle mass and increase muscle recovery.

The usage of exercise for progressive resistance is generally referred to as “bodybuilding” to develop and control an individual’s musculature or simply called “muscle.” A person who engages in this type of activity is what we call a “bodybuilder.”

Human growth hormone can help a bodybuilder in few ways. The first is, HGH increases protein synthesis which is at the level where you’re the cell within your muscles replicate and divide. Clearly, when the cells in your muscle replicate faster, your muscle will grow quicker in reaction to the pressures of athletic activities and weightlifting. A higher growth hormone level can also aid your existing muscle fibers to grow individually that is why human growth hormones can help you improve your overall strength too.

The Benefits of HGH and Bodybuilding

  • Faster Recovery Time

It is normally recognized as the main benefit to professional bodybuilders. A higher level of growth hormone can allow cells to repair and regenerate themselves quicker. Muscles grow and develop in reaction to micro-tears which is the cause of strenuous weight-lifting. As the tissue in your muscle rebuilds, it constantly gets bigger, however, your body requires you to rest in order to reconstruct itself. When athletes and bodybuilders do not permit themselves to rest for an ideal amount of time, additional workouts can actually decrease muscle improvements instead of developing them. Overtraining or extensive workouts is a constant limitation to gains which most bodybuilders can influence. By allowing your muscle tissue in repairing itself quicker with a lesser rest period, you will be able to perform exercises harder and more often with lesser interruption, resulting in faster muscle gain.

  • Muscle Building

It is highly noted that the Human Growth Hormone’s ability to develop lean muscle mass at higher dosages involves everything which is not water or fat, namely the viscera and organs; surely not what a physique-minded bodybuilder has in his/her mind. Decided, that this type of condition is now considered revocable, but bodybuilders and athletes must nonetheless consider these undesirable effects.

  • Safety

While the human growth hormone’s safety reputation is quite remarkable, it bears repeating which the performed longitudinal studies used in human growth hormone in separation and at a dosage far under what a bodybuilder or athlete would probably consider effective. An evidence has proven that by increasing the dose it lessens the safety.

  • Fat Burning

HGH’s usefulness as a tool for burning fat, especially when it is joined with testosterone, is indisputable. Even at a moderately modest dose of HGH, dramatic decreases in body fat and improved preservation of lean muscle mass appears to be reachable, and much more when it is joined with fat burners and anabolic steroids.

  • Improves Cognitive Functions And Mood

A Lithuanian research assessed the effects in which human growth hormone have had on mood, concentration, and cognitive function. Several patients with a deficiency with HGH were treated using human growth hormone for six months’ time.

The results have shown some improvements in the patient’s mood and cognition, recommending that utilizing Human Growth Hormone as an improved mood and cognitive function treatment can possibly be achieved.

  • Improves Weight Loss

The biggest advantage of utilizing Human Growth Hormone is that it can increase lipolysis which is the breaking down of fat acids into a free fatty acid for energy usage. HGH is a famous choice among athletes and bodybuilders because of a specific trait. Throughout the off-season, it is difficult to remain lean and be disciplined. Thus, bodybuilders and athletes turn their full attention to utilizing HGH in keeping their absolute minimal gain of body fats.

A study was performed on few obese participants on a diet that is hypocaloric and treated with neither a placebo nor HGH and the researchers found out that those individuals who were given the human growth hormone treatment saw a growth of lean body mass and a 1.5-fold improve in weight loss, commonly from primitive fat.

  • Increases Muscle Strength

It is given that human growth hormone can boost your gain in strength when it is utilized properly along with an active training program.

A research was conducted on fourteen healthy males between 50 – 70 years of age. Those individuals were then isolated into 2 random groups. 7 subjects were given human growth hormone treatment, and the rest were administered with a placebo. The groups were re-assessed after six months of study. The assessment shows that the group that was administered with human growth hormone treatment shows an increase of responsiveness within their leg muscles while performing a leg press exercise.

Finally, the group who were administered with human growth hormone treatment shows an improvement in body strength, while the group who were given a placebo does not show any physical alterations in their hypertrophy and strength.

  • Improves Sleep Duration

While asleep most human growth hormones are concealed within the pituitary gland which keeps on rising throughout the first 3 hours of being asleep. Deficiency of sleep can affect the pituitary gland and the function of the hypothalamus, changing the growth hormone’s release.

A research has shown that the lack of sleep for about 24 – 36 hours results to a major debility in the release of human growth hormone and it was also extremely decreased during the peak hours of human growth hormone release. Thus, resulting in a lower and lesser amount of lean muscle mass gain.

Side Effects of HGH

The side effects of HGH can be dangerous and at the same time harmful. This is particularly a concern in cases of a large dosage of HGH are injected into an individual for an extended time.

Although HGH comes with a milder side effect than steroids, it’s still vigorous to suffer the harmful effects in which HGH overdosage will do to your health and body.

You can utilize human growth hormone supplements to produce added growth hormone naturally into your body.

The HGH supplements do not contain hormones, but rather it contains natural and safe ingredients that can enhance your body’s natural ability in producing more human growth hormone.

However, HGH supplements or injections have some side effects, just like other supplements and it is as follows:

  • Increase Of Remaining Cancer Cells

As HGH promotes cell reproduction and cell regeneration, there is a high possibility that you can increase your cancer cells, but that will only happen if you have remaining cancer cells.

  • Acromegaly

Symptoms involve enlargement of jaw, ears, nose, feet, or hands. It is a condition that arises because of excessive human growth hormone intake. More severe side effects which can also arise are high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.

  • Increased Danger Of Diabetes

Excessive intake of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements can be the cause of low blood sugar which then increases the danger of an individual to be prone to diabetes.

  • Negative Injection Area Reaction

If you overuse or abuse the use of HGH injection, it can damage your skin where you injected it or it can cause inflammation on your skin.

  • Hypoglycemia

It is a common Human Growth Hormone side effect, the symptoms of hypoglycemia involve seizure, loss of awareness, trouble talking, confusion, and worse death. The symptoms of this HGH side effect normally takes effect quickly if it ever happens. Take a simple food high with sugar or dextrose if ever.

  • Water Retention

Excessive use of Human Growth Hormone can be the cause of water retention, which then leads to bloated physique and puffy face.

  • Tiredness

A lot of HGH users have stated to be tired most of the time when they consume it and typically takes a nap in the morning.

  • Swelling

HGH can be the cause of swelling in the hands, feet, and other body parts. And it is mainly because of liquid retention.

  • Musculoskeletal Disorder

When utilizing human growth hormone, a lot of people experience joint pain, muscle pain aches when they awaken in the morning. This disorder can possibly cause irritability.

  • Hypertension

Due to sodium and water retention which Human Growth Hormones causes, several individuals, suffers from hypertension. If you ever suffer from hypertension for a long time, then you are possibly at risk for countless serious health dangers which include kidney disease, stroke, heart attack, and more. It’s highly advised to keep away from human growth hormone supplements if you are already suffering from hypertension.

  • Carpal Tunnel Disorder

HGH can be the cause of a disorder called “carpal tunnel disorder” which can cause itching, weakness, or tingling in your hands.

  • Gynecomastia or Man Boobs

Human Growth Hormone is known to escalate prolactin which is the cause of breast enlargement.


HGH and bodybuilding is a powerful combination to increase and develop lean muscle mass faster. Some benefits were given to further prove the effectiveness of HGH in bodybuilding purposes and enhance performance in strength activity like weight lifting. However, before you buy HGH, several side effects were stated above to inform that the excessive use Human Growth Hormone injections and supplements can be dangerous to one man’s fitness and health.